Annyeong Haseyo Onew Leader-shii imnida *bows* ^^ Nice to meet you ! Onew-shii is at your service. If you need me just ask ne? I'm shy but nice, please talk to mee *-* Disclaimer: I'm not the real Lee Jinki, for roleplay purpose only

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He's my everything, my life, my world and without him i would die! He is perfect, i couldnt ask for a better person to be next to him! He's the most important person in my life, along with our little daughter, of course.

I have no words to saw how much i love him and need him with me...simply words are not enough for that. Without him my heart would stop beating and i wouldnt be able to breath.

Please stay by my side forever, don't leave me and keep me sane because you're the only one that can make that! I love you and only you!

Saranghae Bang Yongguk ♥

polar bear



30 days with your love





Yongguk Appreciation from MV Making of Excuse Me

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Onew @ KBS Joy 3rd Anniversary Memorial Concert 091027

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Onew love


Onew love

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SHINee (2014)

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Onew chiquito bebé ♡


Onew chiquito bebé ♡

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Imagine Yongguk talking to your family in perfect English.


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Sunset smile

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